I’m a 24-year-old West Virginia girl who loves Jesus, whitewater rafting, Starbucks, Hillsong UNITED, my trusted friends, and my small family. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Marshall University in 2015. I love to sing, even though I’m not very good at it. I love my cat, Blossom, and my family’s Rottweiler named Bella. Yes, I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but it’s no longer a curse to me.. It’s a blessing, because through the lenses of someone who has dealt with such mental trauma, I can see the world through different lenses (and not just my contact lenses from the eye doctor). I can see hope, joy, and love in every person I come around.

So, pull up a seat, grab some coffee, and enjoy learning about life from someone who wants to speak life to this entire world.