Sometimes I get discouraged, feeling like no one wants to know my story. That’s not true. It was proved to me today. 

Of all places, I met someone at the dentist’s office that made my day. She was a dental hygienist. Our conversation started by talking about my college degree in Creative Writing. She asked me what I write.. and I told her that I write about anxiety. This sweet girl listened to me talk about my anxiety while she was cleaning my teeth.. not an easy task!

I was touched because she understood. She understood the stigma. She understood the struggle. I felt safe talking to her about my OCD and anxiety. Of all places, at the dentist. 

I’ve gotten comments from several people saying how brave I am to share my story like I do. I can’t disagree–it’s not to be taken lightly that OCD gets as serious as it is for me. Sometimes I get discouraged, but I found more hope in just getting my teeth cleaned. 

Thank You, Jesus, for the precious girl who cleaned my teeth… thank You that You use simple situations like that to bless us and allow us to feel completely accepted and cared for. You are a miracle worker. Thank You for Your help thus far, and may You please bless my new friend, that dear dental hygienist. In Your Mighty and Precious Name I pray.. amen. 

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