Jesus Christ is more than just a concept.
He is more than just an imaginary friend.
While my previous posts are hard to read, I want to encourage you, the reader, in this:
My God is bigger than those mountains that need to be moved. He can move them.

As a disclaimer, I know my previous posts are not for everyone. Not everyone is comfortable with them, and I understand that. But they’re my life story, aside from Jesus, because He is my entire life! I know how it feels to be confused about Him or not sure if you fully believe. But I’ve gotten to the point where I fully believe and nothing or no one can take that away from me. Nothing can take it away from any believer.

I just hope this blog is a ministry to those that suffer with OCD. I want to bring light to the very very dark places where OCD sits. Those pits, those miserable dark corners where no light can shine through.unknown

He loves you, you know. And you are special, treasured, and cared for. No matter what illness you have or what battle you’re fighting.

I just wanted to shed some light on my dark posts.

Love to all,


3 thoughts on “Jesus: My Dear Friend

  1. I am sure your blog encourages others who are dealing with the same or another mental disease. I read your about page and I can only agree. The harder the challenges are you experience the more you are taught to look beyond. Only that way you can help others because you understand!


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